The Corinthian

330 East 38th Street, New York, NY   |    Murray Hill

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The Corinthian - 330 East 38th Street
  • Condo
  • Built in 1988
  • 817 Apartments
  • 57 Floors
About The Corinthian, 330 East 38th Street

One of the city's most spectacular residential developments, this full-block project between 37th and 38th Streets has a distinctive shape of bundled cylinders that affords all the apartments very large, curved bay windows.

Built on the site of the former East Side Airlines Terminal that had been designed by John B. Peterkin in 1951, this development has extensive gardens and great views. The tower is sited close to Second Avenue, but its entrance faces First Avenue.

The building's lobby is palatial as befits a 54-story tower that contains about 840 apartments. The high-ceilinged lobby is grander than most major hotels and movie sets.

The asymmetrical design of the tower by architect Michael Schimenti and Der Scutt Architects, the design consultant, is original and interesting and far more complex than its closest design "cousin," the "corn-cob" twin towers of Marina City in Chicago. This tower is the closest New York comes to the great Lake Point Tower in Chicago, a glass tower of sinuous form that is one of the architectural masterpieces of the 20th Century.

What is particularly interesting here is the combination of the fluid, almost rippling curved forms with the very tactile rough-cut facade.

Bernard Spitzer, the lead developer, had previously built the curved apartment tower overlooking Central Park on the southwest corner of Central Park South and Seventh Avenue. Kriti Properties and Development and Peter L. Malkin were also the developers on the Corinthian.

The project, which was completed in 1987, is the most dominant of the high-rise group that is clustered around the Manhattan entrance to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.


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